Roland, the Angel

Nothing jazzes me more than big God stories and this is a huge one! Dave is starting a new construction project. He needs some help with the physical labor. He has been trying different avenues of requesting help and there are some possibilities. God knows Dave needs help. When we, God’s children need help, all […]


I am feeling sad for a couple of reasons. I went hiking and asked God “I need some extra love that only you can give. If you are listening and with me, please let me see one of your wonderful creations, a tarantula.” Moments into the hike, He gave me one. And a heart rock […]

Car windows

My passenger car window has been sticking for 6 months, attempting to go up and down, not always successful. Then the drivers side started the same shenanigans. Good news was I managed to get them closed, then vowed to not open either one and just use the air conditioner. I was a little bummed about […]

Very Personal

Recently, I received little blessings so personal that only God would know these things tickled me. Ever feel that way? If you read my last blog, you know that I just had a rough month with a time intensive non-fun project. I desperately needed a small break and chose an estate sale. My hubbie and […]

Go away Disciplined Self

I have been consumed with a disliked, but necessary project for 1 month. Days I was home, I worked 12 hours at a time. The project is mostly over now. So do I wake and think “Wow self, you accomplished a huge project and deserve a celebration day, week, month?!” No! My thoughts are “Today, […]

Dream about Rodney

Lucy and I have been friends for many years. How we met was for my very first Ebay sale, she not only bought my mom’s old fashioned colander, but also explained what it was and what she used it for. After communicating via Ebay email a few times, we shared personal emails and our relationship […]

Time away

I am pet sitting this week and each time I go over to Gracie’s home, for some unknown reason, I reflect on my marriage. God points out all the good qualities of my husband, Dave.  Things I miss when we are together.  Why is that? Quietness creates insight? Thank you God for my very nice […]


God knows I love mysteries and gave me one to ponder. What are the odds that: This is my SECOND time ordering a book from a particular seller. The name of the seller happens to be SECONDSALE. And the name of the book is “Your SECOND Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One.” […]

Sweet Squirrel

I love living in our rural area because we have an array of wild animal creatures. Sometimes they are cute as the dickens like I have wild bunnies that take crackers out of my hand. Other times they are not as cute like when pack rats, common to this area, build nests under our vehicle […]

Do You See What I see?

We were driving back to Phoenix in stormy weather and the clouds were just too glorious to not start snapping photos. They were totally posing! I snapped a picture of these lovely clouds. Then I looked at the image on my phone. I did a double take. I looked at the exact spot in the […]

God chose WordPress!

I was hiking and clearing my mind from the muddle of how to start a blog. “God, you know the zillions of options available to start a blog. I want this to be your blog of stories so I need your clear guidance. Do I choose WordPress or Google Blogger?” Remember, I needed CLEAR guidance […]

Don’t Quite Know How to Lead in Prayer at Your Thanksgiving Gathering?

If you need some help praying at your Thanksgiving gathering, my pastor, Sandy Mason, came up with thought-provoking questions to ask your table mates. At the beginning of your wonderful Thanksgiving meal, have the group shut their eyes, and ask them the following questions while they answer in the silence of their hearts. Ponder each […]