La La La La

Sing! Singing makes us happy (unless you’re singing a sad country song about losing your boy/girlfriend haha!) Did you know the word “sing” is recorded 121 times in the Bible? It is the most recorded of the commandments, to sing to the Lord!

Ok I’m there! Lots of holy songs pop into my head, songs praising God and I sing them all day long, enough to get Dave singing the same song, even though he didn’t know the words previously. Haha

James 5:13 says “Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray.  Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.” La la la la

And there is no better time to sing songs of praise than on…THANKSGIVING! Yey!

As I walked past the TV this morn, I heard some newscaster say we shouldn’t sing loudly at Thanksgiving because it transmits particles from our mouths and that will spread the virus. REALLY? DID HE JUST SAY WE CAN’T SING PRAISES TO GOD ON THANKSGIVING BECAUSE OF A POSSIBILITY OF VIRUS PARTICLES? GET REAL! STOP TELLING PEOPLE THE WRONG THING TO DO! STOP TRYING TO TAKE GOD OUT OF OUR WORLD!

This is one chick that will continue to sing to God and sing powerfully, especially on Thanksgiving! 😃😀🐥🐣❤

Image is from Harbor Church. Thank you for this picture that shows joyful people, praising God!

Happy Thanksgiving in advance folks! EXPRESS your joy!

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