Meet Gracie! She has been one of my favorite pet clients for years. Gracie hit the jackpot with her current owners because this little gal hadn’t been treated well at her beginnings. Every time I’ve pet sat, she would hiss at me. I didn’t take it personally because it was “fear” talking. This time, she […]

Prayer. Dee. Tears.

This God story brought me to a wash of tears in my car. Watch God in this sequence of events. 6am…My prayer: “Dear Jesus, you know my health issue that I’ve had concerns over, but the surgeon who took over my retired surgeon’s practice, doesn’t seem concerned? Like he hasn’t met me and has been […]

God & the Modem

Another amazing God story, a lesson about Him knowing what is best! I want to keep this as short as possible so I hope you can follow this. Century Link, our internet service provider, did some repairs in our area that we were unaware of. Next morning (Tuesday), we had no internet. Called and we […]