WildFire Changes Even? Gimme a break!

I have always loved security. That means “planning” what is going to happen in my future. That means “change,” if it has to happen, rolls at me nice and SLOW.

Recent Rockers of Security:

Covid – that blasted out of nowhere

Stay at Home order – ok I liked that but it was a change I didn’t plan on. Our governor must not of understood that our house is small and husband and I were both in it, at all times. What was he thinking? Haha

George Floyd – may his family find peace

Violence – fights on the grade school playground scared me silly. Not a fan of violence.

AZ Facemask wearing ruling – I don’t like masks too much but if the governor has asked Arizonians to wear them to slow down Covid, I am glad to oblige. But I am confused constantly when I go out now because of all the activity in my purse… where is my eyeglass case? My sunglass case? Hubbies mask? My mask? My Costco card? Haha. I am determined to work this out by using a string around my neck to hang my mask on.

Wildfires – now our small community in New River has wildfires, as of yesterday. Daisy Fire and Carrier Fire, were 2 near us, only about 2 miles away from our house, as the crow flies. Arizona has many fires going and it is way scary. I created a Facebook post with pictures, thanking our firefighters and updates yesterday, to keep loved ones abreast of our status.

Here is the part that sent me over the edge with the fact of I CAN’T KEEP UP WITH ALL THIS CHANGE…the WILDFIRES changed names this morning! It is now no longer either name from yesterday, but a new name of Central Fire. Are wildfires allowed to do this? I look like an idiot on my facebook post because I am describing fires that no longer exist! Not because they have subsided, but because they decided to have different names! This is sadly hilarious!

We are supposed to be going on vacation soon; do I pack for vacation or pack for house fire evacuation?!

So bottom line for me, don’t cling to anything of this earth. JESUS IS MY CONSTANT. He is the same, today, tomorrow and always! Do I hear an amen?! β€πŸ™‚β€

Oh and Happy Father’s Day to my own wonderful dad. And all the dads here on earth and in heaven. And my all time favorite dad….God!

6 thoughts on “WildFire Changes Even? Gimme a break!

  1. Just keep holding the hand of the One holding it all together. If it weren’t for Him, where would we be? I pray He keeps you safe in all of this uncertainty. One thing is for certain, He is faithful and He is coming again soon. Hugs my friend!


  2. I hear you. All this uncertainty is working towards me letting go more and more! Thank you for your thoughts. Are you doing ok with changes almost hourly sometimes? Happy Fathers Day to your hubbie!


  3. Hi Lisa, we have a couple new fires breaking out today. πŸ˜ͺThen there is the fireworks stand selling them down the road. Unbelievable. 😑

    I hope you have a good 4th. Thanks for checking in! 🍨


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