Carefree Like These Guys?

I am so confused. If you ever watched the TV series “Monk,” I may be the female version, including the curly hair and detective skills. I like routine. I like structure. I like organization. I like planning. None of these have happened lately. What am I talking about…none of these have happened this whole year!

Medical – I had scheduled an elective surgery. Did it happen? No, because a much bigger health scare suddenly arose, and I had to wait for results. I am so praising God because I seem to be ok now and the results came back as “no change from last year.” It gave me time to decide that with Covid running amuck in Arizona, do I really want to be in a hospital setting if an operation is not a necessity? No. I won’t be getting my elective surgery right now.

Vacations – We love to beat the heat and do most of our traveling in the summer. So with no medical issues to attend to now, I lamely attempted to make some vacation plans. Ha, what a joke. I wanted to just pick an event (James Taylor concert for the husband,) or an activity (visit Smithsonian Art Museum) and center the trip around that. Ha. Concerts not happening, museums closed, cities like New York denying visiting Arizonians unless we self quarantine 14 days. Then if we want to fly, do we need a covid test in advance? Or will the airline even be flying as I had 2 flights cancelled earlier this year? Are the hotels or airbnbs sterilizing? Sheesh! I ended up booking us some mini trips an hour away. That will have to pacify us.

Rest of previous 2020 months – I prepare our taxes Jan through April each year. This year, I didn’t have my April 15th deadline, therefore throwing me out of whack (I still pretended the date was in effect so my routine wasn’t altered.) We take a vacation after tax season; I planned an Israel trip and that was cancelled because the whole world shut down due to Covid. May is centered around our medical appointments; this May, we were under stay-at-home order and then doctors were only doing telemed exams, thereby making breast and gyne exams a bit impossible via Zoom!

So my lesson from God is:

Ecclesiastes 3:1. There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

And only God knows timing! I give up! Well, at least I will try to give up. I am a hard nut to crack. Please God, make like your animals that live moment by moment!

6 thoughts on “Carefree Like These Guys?

  1. My husband calls me Mrs. Monk and all of these changes have been hard on me, too, especially not seeing our grandchildren at regular intervals. It has been almost nine months since we have seen our five grandchildren in PA and four months since we have seen the two in MD and the two who live here in VA. I’m just leaving everything in God’s hands because I know that He is able. Thank you for reminding me of that!

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    1. Hi Mrs Monk! 🙂 We just watched the whole 1st season of Mr Monk. Something productive to do while the world is different. Ha. I will pray for both of us to be open and adaptable to God’s will! And for you to see your grands by end of year. So nice to hear from you. I don’t feel alone now. 🙂

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