Joy & The Bartons

The Bartons shared a meal with us yesterday and it was so enjoyable, I have to blog about it.

Mike has been Dave’s friend, and then our friend for decades. Mike’s parents, Ray and Judy, have treated Dave like family, and I just recently met them. This is a family you find in good old fashion TV shows (Little House on the Prarie.) Just darling people.

Ray and Judy are decades older than us and I can only hope I will be like them in my years to come. They’ve had many challenges over the years, like 60 years of marriage, haha. And both have had their share of medical issues. Did they sit and whine about that? Noooo. Instead, Ray was racing around the house on his walker and Judy was more “with it” in carrying on a conversation, than I was. And we loved sharing our humble, quirky home and our hobbies with them. I showcased my art journals to Judy and Dave shared all his oil paintings with the family.

What I liked best about this family encounter…we shared God. Ray gave such a grateful blessing at meal time. In fact, nothing but gratitude came from his lips for their 4 hour visit. And Judy introduced the topic of how we came to know Jesus.

Joy happens when people are united in Christ! Let me hear an amen!

P.S. Dave sketched the roadrunner picture for Mike and Judy. Judy has only seen a roadrunner twice in her life and Mike has never seen one. We learned this after telling them we have 2 roadrunners and usually see one daily. Thank you so much, Barton family, for visiting and here is a roadrunner for you!

2 thoughts on “Joy & The Bartons

  1. Love that family! They gave me the best start in married life with care and examples. When my husband passed away in 2014 I was able to go and tell
    Them they were instrumental in marking out marriage of 34 years a success because they pointed us to Christ. What dear people they are! Thanks for sharing this.

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