Safely Home

My hubbie, Dave, my hubbie, painted this and our sun catcher illuminated the cloud at the perfect moment!

If you aren’t familiar with this image and poem, it is quite beautiful and comforting.

 Safely Home
 I am home in Heaven, dear ones;
 Oh, so happy and so bright!
 There is perfect joy and beauty 
 In this everlasting light.
 All the pain and grief is over,
 Every restless tossing passed;
 I am now at peace forever,
 Safely home in Heaven at last.
 Did you wonder I so calmly 
 Trod the valley of the shade?
 Oh! But Jesus' love illumined
 Every dark and fearful glade.
 And He came Himself to meet me
 In that way so hard to tread;
 And with Jesus' arm to lean on,
 Could I have one doubt or dread?
 Then you must not grieve so sorely,
 For I love you dearly still:
 Try to look beyond earth’s shadows,
 Pray to trust our Father’s Will.
 There is work still waiting for you,
 So you must not idly stand;
 Do it now, while life remaineth---
 You shall rest in Jesus' land.
 When that work is all completed,
 He will gently call you home;
 Oh, the rapture of that meeting, 
 Oh, the joy to see you come!
 Author Unknown 

13 thoughts on “Safely Home

  1. I have never read this poem before, but it brought tears to my eyes as I read it! What a Blessing, thank you for sharing. My sister passed last year and this was a great comfort. God Bless you.

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    1. I am so glad that God connected you to this poem Julia. I’m sorry for the loss of your precious sister also. I don’t have siblings but imagine it must be so hard to lose one.

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    1. You should be able to either delete the whole comment–or edit it, taking out my address. Try clicking on/opening up “Comments” in your dashboard–this should show you the comments from readers…and somewhere it will have “delete” or “edit”.

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