Fill in the Blank

Please participate and make this fun! I was conversing with blogger, DavidsDailyDose and it inspired a fun game. Fill in these blanks with your thoughts. Dump the ___________. Substitute with _________________. Ok, I’ll get the ball rolling. Dump the long list of medical concerns when I have my annual January doctor visit. Substitute with super […]


I’d like to give a gift of dedicating extra time today to reading other’s wonderful blogs. I am also sitting quietly with the Lord and saying more prayers for the requests from my last blog. And anyone else that has asked for prayers. Therefore, no personal blog today. 🙂 Merry Christmas to all my friends […]

Old Thoughts, New Thoughts

Last Sunday’s blog, I wrote about wearing temporary scripture tattoos as a creative way to memorize scripture. For about a month, I’ve been memorizing scripture and after starting, it gets easier. My mind is being trained to focus on God’s words when I have any negative thinking. Ya! It’s changing my world. Here’s some examples… […]