90 Days

Did you ever read the Bible in 90 days? I signed up for this challenge at church. The official date at church hasn’t started yet. I’ve been testing myself and I am up to the middle of Exodus. The curriculum suggests 12 pages a day in their suggested Bible which is about 15 chapters. If […]


I just found a blogger, Nancy, who posted a very funny blog about the antics of her dearly beloved, departed, mischievous bunny named Zero (not the real Zero pictured above.) “Zero? What kind of name is Zero and how did she get that,” I wondered? Doesn’t everyone want to be referred to as a “Ten” […]

Where’s Waldo?

Good morning! This was in my draft folder and lighthearted. I’ve been working hard on taxes and need some fun so here’s Waldo! (Disclaimer: I’ll be referring to different pictures so hopefully, WordPress leaves my order of pictures intact.) I woke feeling a bit grumpy. Only God knows why because I sure didn’t. I prayed […]