Winning Your Woman’s Heart (Love & the Fanny Pack)

Here is a quick great story of Dave, my husband’s love for me.

He was leaving for golf day and asked if he could do anything for me before he left. Just leaving one’s spouse alone for the day is a big gift, as retired folks living together hour after hour, most likely agree! πŸ™‚

Dave went above and beyond. Within his extra 15 minutes, he cleaned off the kitchen counters (source of contention for me,) ran the sweeper and mopped the kitchen (sticky stuff all over the floor (his jelly πŸ™‚)) and rid up the living room (his stuff was strewn around.) These acts of service are his beautiful way of saying he loves me. It is appreciated.

The truest form of love came when I went into the backroom after he had driven away 20 minutes earlier, and saw his fanny pack laying on the table. This item contains everything he needs for the day like cell phone, money, license, etc. I panicked, knowing that I couldn’t even call him to tell him he left this at home.

Everything worked out and he did retrieve it and still made it to the golf course on time. But the best part is he was so busy doing acts of service and focusing on me, he forgot his very important personal item!

If you men want to win your ladies heart, flowers may be nice, but losing a valuable item because she is most important, priceless!

I love you dear! ❀❣❀ Thank you God for Dave!

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