My Continued Praise about my Israel Trip

For those of you that had been following my story about going to Israel on a bus tour, you know I was in awe that I was finally fulfilling my dream. There were valid reasons I hesitated to go and prayed that the only way I won’t go, is if God cancels the trip. Then the Coronavirus came about but the trip wasn’t cancelled because the travel agency said unless Israel denies permission, the trip is still on. Then God stepped in and He cancelled the trip because at the time we were to leave, there needed to be a 14 day home quarantine! Our bus tour rescheduled for October.

I was to be there March 18 through March 29th. Each day, I thought about what we would have done and what the weather would have been if the Coronavirus never happened. In reality, if we had ended up going because the timing was delayed (the virus hadn’t hit as hard yet,) our bus group would have been quarantined and not seen any Holy sites.

March 29th…Today. Today would have been departure day.

Look above at the email from the Jerusalem Embassy. They inform that there is one airline left to get us back to the United States and it is subject to change at anytime. And if you don’t leave immediately, you will be forced to remain in Israel for an INDEFINITE TIME!

I wanted to visit Israel, not live there indefinitely! I get so excited when I see what good care God takes of me.

THANK YOU GOD! I love you! ❤✝️❤

5 thoughts on “My Continued Praise about my Israel Trip

        1. Good! I love staying home! This is an Introverts paradise, staying home and getting projects done instead of juggling new and needed projects all the time. Ya! You like staying home? Where is home?


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