God and Hair Conditioner

Here is our shower. Please note the first 4 bottles on the top shelf. The first 3 bottles are 3/4’s full. The 4th pink bottle is full and weighs 32 ounces. Total weight around 64 ounces.

When I got a shower last night, these bottles were not lined up like I have them in the picture; the full bottle was in the back row. I reached on my tippy toes for the full bottle, it toppled, and all mentioned circled bottles, weighing a total of 64 ounces, came crashing onto my face, as they toppled one by one!

I stood there, stunned, wondering what a bloody or broken nose was going to feel like? Or a black eye?

Instead, I had NO injury, not even a headache!

And I keep getting story after story of how I should be all mained because of freak accidents like this and yet I am unscathed.

I’m pretty sure this was another miracle from God! This is the exact reason I started writing my blog, calling it “God Stories for Marla!”

Thank you God! I love you! ❤😘❤✝️

P.S. Maybe God needs to put a GoPro camera on me at all times so my freak accidents can go viral on YouTube. Heehee. Have a great Sunday!

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