Prayer. Dee. Tears.

This God story brought me to a wash of tears in my car. Watch God in this sequence of events.

6am…My prayer: “Dear Jesus, you know my health issue that I’ve had concerns over, but the surgeon who took over my retired surgeon’s practice, doesn’t seem concerned? Like he hasn’t met me and has been slow to respond in sharing results of tests ordered. He receives great reviews, so why? Is he a great doctor but most of his patients are worse off than me, so not being a priority is a good thing? Is there a doctor who is a better fit for me? If so, I need that person’s name Jesus. I really need some confirmation from you if I should be searching for a new doctor. I am leaving this concern of mine in your hands. Thank you Jesus.”

130pm…I am getting a flu shot at my regular doctor’s office, where I volunteer. I love the staff here. And I love Dr H who I’ve followed for 17 years and is the reason I volunteer. It just happens that my staff manager has an extra 15 minutes to chat. This time delay is important for the next part of this story.

145pm…As I leave the doctor’s office, a woman (stanger) approaches me in the parking lot and starts talking about masks. Then she talks about how she just received some medical treatment from Dr H (my same doctor that I love) and how she has been with him for over 20 year. It is established that we are both avid fans of Dr H.

She (Dee) shares that she is waiting for a cab and lives about 20 miles from there. She lives where I used to live when single, within a 1/4th of a mile. It is established that it is a bit uncanny what we have in common. Dee flits from subject to subject, connecting us with more commonalities like where we vacationed, grew up, etc.

I had other things to do but I stand in that parking lot, mesmerized as to how God is connecting Dee and me together. I wouldn’t have met her if I hadn’t had the time delay of stopping to chat with my boss. I wouldn’t have met her if I hadn’t changed from my previous self, who was always rushing and had no time for delays, like a chat in the parking lot with a stranger.

Dee jumps to a new topic of one of her past surgeries. She had the exact medical issue I am currently having. My ears perked up like crazy. Dee: “I had surgery and am completely healed. I loved my surgeon. His name is Dr _______.”

Dee, a total stranger, one person out of 7 billion people on earth, stood in front of me, in a parking lot, saying the name of MY surgeon who I prayed about at 6am! The name of MY surgeon who I wasn’t sure about and asked for confirmation. The name of MY surgeon, when Dee could have named any other one of the 50,000 specialized surgeons worldwide.

The name of MY current surgeon who I am to stick with because Jesus spoke directly through Dee, erasing all doubts.

230pm…”Dear Jesus, I cannot express how much love I feel from you. Words do not show the power and depth of your love. I am so humbled that you would speak to me in such a personal way. I love you. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you Jesus.” ❤❤❤

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