Baby Miracles

During my usual morning routine of filling up my animal water bowls, one of them had only 2 inches of water in the 8 inch deep bowl. There was lots of debris in the bowl. Or so I thought until I got closer.

Turns out, the debris was actually 6 little baby quail! In a row. Like a swim team at their starting positions. As I approached, one by one, they did their best to climb (scamper) out of the bowl. It took a few tries for some. Finally they all made it to the rim of the bowl, then jumped off, racing yonder. And there stood Mama, encouraging and rounding them up.

I didn’t get a picture because it all happened so fast. Above is a picture of what baby quail look like and mine were smaller than these chicks.

I had some questions of why they were in the bowl. Were they practicing swimming? Cooling off? Hiding? One jumped in so monkey see, monkey do? Had they been trying to get out and the bowl was too high but when they saw me, the fear gave them an adrenaline rush and they found the strength to jump out?

I will never know their story but thank you God for allowing me to catch a moment of happiness and for saving your little ones!

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