Pay It Forward…Ya!

I got nabbed! 

At our local coffee/breakfast restaurant, I ordered a yummy egg croissant. 

Then the barista said foreign words to me, “Your sandwich has already been paid for.”   

I’ve only read about this, but never experienced it.  What a wonderful feeling! 

It wasn’t my friend I was with.  It wasn’t a person in front of me because no one was!  Did they single me out and pick me in advance?  Or did they already leave and asked to charge the next random order after them to their card?  And what if that next order was a family with 2 fancy coffees and 5 breakfast sandwiches, totaling $70?  Or was it a person sitting in the restaurant, peering above their newspaper,  while quietly observing me for my reaction?

Whoever it was, thank you!  It sure made me immediately respond in kind, to keep the beautiful feeling going, as I pulled out my credit card for the next person’s meal.

Thank you to my kind stranger!   ❤🍮☕

Thank you God for your great people!  ❤🕊❤

12 thoughts on “Pay It Forward…Ya!

  1. I used to do that all the time when I was still working before covid. I frequented a Subway because I loved the owner. If a service member walked in and was in uniform, I would often give her a look while I had my lunch and she knew. 1/2 the time I didn’t pay for mine until I was done eating anyway. Made me happy each and every time. Random Acts of Kindness! It will be your turn one of these days and you will know when the time is right. 🙂

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  2. A driver in front of me at Starbuck’s did the same for me. I also heard this happening but this was my first experience. I wish the opportunity was afforded to me to thank the unknown and kind hearted person.

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