Two Visitors? Yikes!

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So we live in the Arizona desert next to state land and love to hike. The weather here hit 100 but has dropped back to high 80s, low 90s. We are loving it. And apparently, so are the snakes. We started seeing one each time we went hiking. Then today, I mentioned we hadn’t seen them for a couple of days.

No sooner had I said that, I saw hubbie Dave, practically leap into the air as we heard, but didn’t see the rattler. This snake was camouflaged under a creosote bush, coiled and mad, which surprised us, because we weren’t threatening him! Then I had the task of passing him which was a bit scary, but I had about 6 feet clearance on the trail. He let me live. Haha

As we continued our 1/2 hour hike, with 5 minutes left, Dave stops suddenly and there was another rattler, stretched out on the trail, wanting to cross to the other side! This guy was their breed’s usual passive self and plus his belly was rather full so he just looked at us. We waited until he got out of the trail and then headed home.

Being from Pittsburgh, I used to think if you encountered a snake bigger than the little green garter snakes, you belonged in the Indiana Jones movies. Haha

Now, we just thank God for protecting us from rattlesnakes once again! We love you! ❤😘❤

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