Good Samaritan Husband

We were hiking up Sedona Bell Rock and met a man with his arm wrapped and his son trying to wheel 2 bicycles down the path to the parking lot. Dave asked the son if he needed help and he did. Dave wheeled one of the bikes to the parking lot as I continued hiking.

I found out from another hiker that the man Dave was helping had fallen hard while riding the trail. His arm was bleeding badly and had soaked the front of his shirt and his arm was dangling, most likely broken.

Dave was the Good Samaritan!

This was all in God’s will and timing, leading to another wonderful God story….Earlier, back at the resort before we left, my water bottle fell out of my hiking bag while propped on the table, shattering and scattering water everywhere.

God knew this mishap would delay our hike. HE also knows every hair on our heads and knew it wouldn’t cancel the hike, even though I needed another water bottle as it was 100 degrees by 10am. Dave had a bottle to lend me, I filled it again with ice water and mint, he mopped the floor, and the delay was 20 minutes.

This delay created our encounter with the bloody biker, who God knew needed a good samaritan! Thank you God for your perfect timing and thank you Dave for your serving heart! ❤❤❤

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