Most Influential 2 Words to Make the World Better Are?

Photo by Shona Ferch, Photographer

Think about this and share yours please.

My 2 words are:

Thank you!

When I say “Thank you God,” my heart is full of gratitude for what He is giving me at that moment.  Even if it is a trial, thanking Him makes me know that He is the one in charge of my life.

When I say “thank you” to another person, I am showing gratefulness for them, and to them.  All impure thoughts are erased.

When I say “thank you” to myself, I am appreciating who God made…me!

If I say no other words than THANK YOU throughout the entire day, it will be a great positive awesome day!

My first thank you of the day…”Thank you God for a horrible night of sleep.  I know that tonight’s sleep has got to be better since it can’t possibly be any worse.  Amen!”

And another one…”Thank you everyone for reading my blogs and hopefully sharing your 2 words that make the world a better place!  May God bless your day.”

4 thoughts on “Most Influential 2 Words to Make the World Better Are?

  1. My two words that make a difference to me would be, love you. Whether I am saying it to God or others, or the joy when I feel Him speaking it to me….Nothing compares ot makes the day brighter yet than, love you! God bless you Marla. ♡ Love you.

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