Go away Disciplined Self

I have been consumed with a disliked, but necessary project for 1 month. Days I was home, I worked 12 hours at a time. The project is mostly over now. So do I wake and think “Wow self, you accomplished a huge project and deserve a celebration day, week, month?!” No! My thoughts are “Today, […]

Dream about Rodney

Lucy and I have been friends for many years. How we met was for my very first Ebay sale, she not only bought my mom’s old fashioned colander, but also explained what it was and what she used it for. After communicating via Ebay email a few times, we shared personal emails and our relationship […]

Kristina & the Basket Prayer answered

I have the most wonderful friend, Kristina, that pretty much keeps me sane in this crazy world. I rely on her for friendship and guidance, and support on a daily basis. This includes spiritual support. Kristina and I messenger throughout the day normally. Our messages go the full gamet from giving serious life altering advice […]

Sweet Squirrel

I love living in our rural area because we have an array of wild animal creatures. Sometimes they are cute as the dickens like I have wild bunnies that take crackers out of my hand. Other times they are not as cute like when pack rats, common to this area, build nests under our vehicle […]