Nutty & Buddy Begin Advent Together

Nutty and his dog, Buddy

Dave, my hubbie, was eating nuts the other night and started arranging them on our table. I love creativity! He made Nutty and Buddy, his dog. Now I have 2 little cuties to make stories with!

Nutty: “Did you like the church service Buddy? Are you excited it is the start of the Advent season?”

Buddy: “Uhm, I like when people pay attention to me and they were paying attention to the pastor instead. So I didn’t like that too much. And I don’t understand what Advent is.”

Nutty: “Well you know how you love Christmas?”

Buddy: “Oh yeah, I love ripping the wrapping paper off the presents and getting chew toys!”

Nutty: “I know that about you! Let me explain Advent in dog terms. Advent leads up to Christmas. Advent prepares your heart for the coming of Christ. Remember how I took you to see the nativity scene at church last year and you saw Jesus in the manger?”

Buddy: “You mean that neat group of clay figures with Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, shepherds, wise men, sheep, cattle, all huddled under what I thought was a barn? The one where I was about to lift my hind leg…”

Nutty: “Yes Buddy, you got really excited and you were right to feel that way. I am very excited that we are now in this special Advent time where we ask God to help us give up our selfish desires and submit to God’s ways.”

Buddy: “What the heck does that mean? I don’t have selfish desires. I am a great dog. Everybody likes me! How can I be better when I am already perfect?”

Nutty: “Haha. You are perfect in my eyes Buddy, best dog ever. But you aren’t perfect. No one on earth is. Tell you what. How about you and me go through this Advent season together? Let’s take our walk every evening and think about God and how much we love Him. And ask Him what sins we have that we need forgiveness for.”

Buddy: “You mean think about God while I am leaping around, sniffing the grass, barking at the bunnies?”

Nutty: “Yes, and I am going to be looking at how beautiful nature is and how cute you are, while I am praising God and praying “I am tired of trying to do life my way, I want it to be your way God!”

Buddy : “I don’t need to say that prayer but will accompany you.”

Nutty: “Thank you and I will be praying for you to figure out your sins, oh perfect one.” πŸ™‚

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