Roland, the Angel

Roland and Dave, still smiling after hard physical labor!

Nothing jazzes me more than big God stories and this is a huge one!

Dave is starting a new construction project. He needs some help with the physical labor. He has been trying different avenues of requesting help and there are some possibilities.

God knows Dave needs help. When we, God’s children need help, all we can do is put forth our effort, while praying for God’s will.

This next part gives me chills of how God just answered. Dave was working towards the bottom of our very long (about 1/8 of a mile) driveway, filling potholes. He was near the main road, but not in great view, unless drivers cranked their heads really hard to see him.

OUT OF NOWHERE, God’s angel, a man named Roland, not only saw Dave from the main road, he drove up the driveway and asked Dave if he needed any help. This would not be significant if we were in a housing community with houses close together, but we are on acreage in our area, vastly spread out.

Then, Roland said “I am out looking for work trimming trees.” Dave replied “I don’t need trees trimmed but need help digging.” “I can do that” Roland said. Dave showed him what he needs help with, they agreed on a price and Roland is coming back in a few hours!

What? How can this be? Help found US out of nowhere!

HUGE GOD STORY! Thank you God for giving us what we need! Thank you Roland!

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