Ok You Win God!

We had a great time sharing Nutty and Buddy during Christmas and those 2 may still pop into my blog occasionally. Thank you for supporting them!

Today, I must share another God story.

I am one of those people that didn’t think I had a creative bone in my body. Well, I discovered during the holidays that this so called fact may just not be true, much to my surprise!

We went to an art event back in Nomember, called Hidden in the Hills, where local artists open their studios and works. I was so inspired. There was all types of art to mess around with after I got over the fear of “Ha I can’t do that.”

Amazon and Ebay became my besties. I ordered most of the art supplies known to man kind. Watercolor, glass, finger, acrylic paints, glitter glues, Mod Podge, gesso, brushes, art inspiration/teaching books, stampers, French paint boxes and red leather totes.

As long as I have colors, I create anything! I paint on Mason jars, wine glasses, plates. I splatter watercolors, fingerprints, acrylics over all types of paper. Collage…did you know you can cut up books and magazine pictures, office supplies like post it notes, colorful tissue paper, leaves from autumn trees and arrange these goodies on paper to create beautiful art? I didn’t!

My imagination is in full swing for the first time in my life and I can’t get enough art time!

I just finished painting a $5 plain fabric white shower curtain! How did I live without creating?!

Now the God story…when painting the fabric shower curtain, you need to squeeze the tip of the bottles on a piece of paper to get the air bubbles out beforehand. I used about 12 colors and had to squeeze about half the bottles on my scrap of paper. After finishing the shower curtain artwork, I folded the scrap of paper with the paint blobs, in half.

I opened it up and saw the most beautiful design made from blobs of paint! Look at the intricacies of the fine lines. God showed me His stuff! HE didn’t need all the art supplies! I am so in AWE OF YOU GOD!


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