Nutty & Buddy – Will Buddy Just Let Go?

Nutty & Buddy

Buddy: Hey Nutty, I really like this Jesus guy. The things He told the crowds are mind blowing! I am weighing all the options to try and decide if I want to be a follower but He’s not telling me specific benefits of being a follower and there’s no guarantees of a better life.

Nutty: I know Buddy. It is kind of crazy to drop everything you cling to and follow Jesus instead but I did it and the results are astounding. I just trust Jesus. I never need to worry and He takes care of everything! That truly is mind blowing. Repent, follow Him and the Spirit will enlighten you. It’s easy!

Buddy: It is so different for me to make a decision without knowing all the information. I’m just not sure.

Nutty: You will find a lot of your thinking is different. You will still have struggles in life but you will find freedom, peace, love and joy, like you never had before.

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