Car windows

My passenger car window has been sticking for 6 months, attempting to go up and down, not always successful. Then the drivers side started the same shenanigans. Good news was I managed to get them closed, then vowed to not open either one and just use the air conditioner.

I was a little bummed about my decision because the temps are perfect for open windows in Arizona right now. Did I want to take my car to a garage and get this problem fixed? Ummm no. Last place on earth I want to be is at a garage. Ok, exaggerating. But I really don’t like car problems and will delay fixing them at all costs.

My plan of living with the windows up for the duration of the car’s life expectancy was not God’s plan however.

God’s plan…Two days ago, I backed out of the garage one foot, husband motioned to roll my window down so he could direct me in backing up and poof, the automatic window mechanism pushed it down all the way, into the door panel.

Groaning, I prayed that God make this an EASY FIX as we just got back from vacation and I had a million places to go and didn’t want to invite thieves with an open window.

My husband is very handy at repairing almost anything so he offered to fix the window. He was hoping for an easy fix. We bought a switch which was an easy fix. This didn’t fix the problem but then again, I had multiple problems because both windows were bad. We were going to take the switch back but opted to buy a regulator first. Then Dave informed me that he had to pull the whole door panel off to put this part in. And his arm was in bad shape from a pinched nerve.

Complicated and God didn’t seem to be answering my “easy fix” prayer!

Dave did fix both broken windows with a little time, muscle and lots of patience, bless his heart. I was a happy woman again, as I often am when he fixes all the broken stuff around our house.

As I was just doing bible study, I realized that God knew what was best for me as usual. HE didn’t give me an easy fix but directed us to all the parts we needed, the YouTube videos we needed, the perfect repair person (thanks honey!)

And most of all, God knows me so completely (major procrastinator with certain tasks) that HE ultimately fixed BOTH windows!

Thank you God, thank you Dave!

New switch and regulator solved the issues!

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