What to do God?


Dave is working on a project and the answer isn’t clear. The answer he received yesterday leads to more questions instead of clarifying. Muddle, muddle, muddle.

Can you relate?

The answer to life’s questions is simple!

I prayed “Dear God, you know this current issue and know the answer because you know everything. We come to you again (for the 40 billionth time) and need YOUR wisdom and direction. We can try using our own mind power to solve this but truly, nothing is more important than asking YOU for the answer. We will try different ideas to solve this current issue and watch closely to see which one you pick. We need the peace you give us in our hearts when we come upon YOUR answer. Thank you for loving us and thank you in advance for your answers.”

Problems come and go daily, the answer lies in seeking God for His wisdom. Having total reliance on Him. Communicating with Him. Depending on Him.

Dave’s answer came within the hour. He tried a new solution, received clarity and felt God’s peace.

Thank you God! ❤

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