Nutty & Buddy – Buddy is sad?

Nutty & Buddy celebrate the last week of Advent

Nutty: It is almost Christmas, Buddy. How are you?

Buddy: I am feeling sad. You took me to the park with lots of other dogs and people. And to the ice skating rink with lots of skaters. And to the Christmas tree farm where I lapped apple cider (when you weren’t looking) and we all sung carols.

Nutty: I thought you liked fun stuff and lots of people and dogs. You are my extroverted Buddy boy, licking everybody’s face that you find!

Buddy: I know, I don’t understand what is wrong.

Nutty: Well, I see one thing in common is there were crowds with all the activities you mentioned. Is it possible that you feel alone, even when there are crowds everywhere?

Buddy: Yes, that is it, I feel alone!

Nutty: Remember that Jesus had many followers and crowds around Him most of the time? And He would go off to places by Himself to talk to His Father and replenish himself?

Buddy: No.

Nutty: Well Jesus did, and it is needed. We all need time to be quiet and just talk to God. I suggest we put you in my bedroom for awhile by yourself, you curl up on my bed and just be quiet. No distractions. No comic books, dog shows, video games.

Buddy: Oh man, it is like I am being punished for telling you what I was feeling. Ok, I will try it since you are my master and do what is best for me.

Buddy: (1 hour later, he comes out of the bedroom, with a glow in his face and a halo around his head) I feel so calm, peaceful and loved. Being alone, being still, not doing anything but talking to God, has completely reset my buttons. I have God. Thank you Nutty.

Nutty: Amen. Three more days until we celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Buddy: My heart is ready. Thank you for helping me Nutty.

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