Meet Gracie!

She has been one of my favorite pet clients for years. Gracie hit the jackpot with her current owners because this little gal hadn’t been treated well at her beginnings.

Every time I’ve pet sat, she would hiss at me. I didn’t take it personally because it was “fear” talking.

This time, she licked my hand and jumped on my lap for a petting session! A miracle from God! Thank you God for Gracie’s gift of replacing her fear with trust. Thank you for all your creatures, big and small. Amen.

Have you rescued an animal? Did they end up trusting you?

19 thoughts on “Gracie

  1. Our 3 year old tortoise shell cat is a rescue. She spent her first 6 months roaming the countryside. Our Labrador played a big role in helping her not only transition to life as an indoor cat but also in trusting us.

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  2. Several years ago we rescued a working Border Collie called Glen, who was hard work at first but he became the most obedient and loving companion to all the family. I am convinced he was God’s blessing to us.

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        1. 😄😄😄 I hear ya! What I loved most was the extreme loyalty and trust in next door border, Bandit’s eyes. My dog was also very loyal and docile but when those 2 first met, my dog bit Bandit’s foot and not in a nice way! 😕

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  3. I rescued one and it was a wonderful feeling. It was a beautiful long-haired white cat. He never came to me but after a lot of time, love and patience he came and slept right on my chest. I loved that cat.
    The sad thing was getting rid of him. My ex husband was abusive to me. One day he got mad at the cat for shedding all over his clothes and he threw him up and into the wall. I cried and thought to myself, ‘you idiot…you can hit me all you want but I won’t let you hit my cat.’ So I had to let him go. So sad.

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    1. Oh my goodness Donna. What a sad story for both you and the cat! I’m so thankful that you are with someone loving now and you enjoy things like a meal at Longhorns. God sent Mike to rescue you and I’m sure our loving God sent someone kind to rescue your cat. I love you.

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  4. Gaining the trust of an animal is huge and it is such a privilege if they have been mistreated before. Have not experienced rescuing long term before but have helped two lost dogs get back to their owners. They had gotten out of the house, found them roaming around and scared.

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    1. Awh God knew how to save the kitten…HE took it to Heaven! I’m glad the kitten was with people that cared his last few days of life. Thanks for your story. ❤


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