God & the Modem

Another amazing God story, a lesson about Him knowing what is best!

I want to keep this as short as possible so I hope you can follow this.

Century Link, our internet service provider, did some repairs in our area that we were unaware of. Next morning (Tuesday), we had no internet.

Called and we were told we had to get a new modem, it was to arrive by Thursday. We were going to pay an extra $10 per month to lease the modem.

I need the internet especially right now to enter our tax 1099s which are to come in by Friday so getting the modem by Thursday should be ok.

Modem did not come on Thursday.

Called Friday (today) and they had a record of raising our bill an extra $10/month BUT NO RECORD OF ORDERING US A NEW MODEM!

The rep said he can order a modem, which will get here next Tuesday. Dave was the one talking to the rep and I was yelling that isn’t acceptable and we want it shipped overnight. The rep said he can’t do that and there is no Century Link store to go get one, it must be ordered.

Dave went to 3 stores such as Best Buy and no one had compatible ones. They said only Century Link sells them. Dave called me and relayed this information. We were stuck. No internet for a week if we had to wait until next Tuesday.

I was with 2 prayer partners so asked if we could pray about this. My prayer “Dear God, you know this whole situation and that we are victims of companies sometimes. You know my husband and I are very frustrated and we need you to make this situation right, if it is your will.”

Back home, Dave called again and they said our modem will come next WEDNESDAY (was Tuesday)!

I reminded Dave that we had a 4 year old modem in our computer box so let’s see if that is compatible.

The God story now…we took out the old modem, called Century Link, got a very knowledgeable rep at 4pm on Friday (closed 5pm for weekend.) Within 25 minutes, he configured our 4 year old modem and had all our devices and printers working. And his name was NOAH!

We feel so loved. In our humanness, we saw the company mistakes and new pushed out delivery date as a big negative. God knew we would never had pulled out the old modem so He made the whole situation work, once we prayed and relied on Him to take charge! Oh thank you God! “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8-9

AND I went hiking right after this and saw 5 deer prance past me. I have been hiking 16 years and never saw more than one deer yearly. I feel so loved! I trust you Jesus!

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