Cute Quick Little Tale

Hi everyone! We got this cute “Bunny Trail” sign on a mini vacation. I couldn’t get a picture quick enough so you’ll have to use your imagination…a bunny was on his hind legs, staring at the sign, I’m assuming to see which way the trail was! How cute is that?! He may have been confused since the sign blows around in the wind and the trail may have pointed elsewhere, last time the bunny checked. Haha

Thank you God for your precious creatures!

Have a good week folks! 🙂❤🙂

15 thoughts on “Cute Quick Little Tale

    1. I’m so glad you posted this comment Yari. I was in ER with my husband this morning…I forgot I had scheduled this post for Sunday and wasn’t sure Jetpack’s scheduler works. It does apparently bc you saw my post. 🙂😘🙂

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    1. I’m not racing to the top, I never even made it to a management level. 😄 I was just using that as an example. But I am happier when God works with me on humility! Goal is still to be a “0”.


      1. Oh I understood that you aren’t racing to the top! I meant that if someone is doing that it sounds lonely. You seem like the total opposite of someone like that because you care about people! I’m sorry for the lack of clarity in my original comment.


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