A Devoted Place

Here is my new “prayer room!”

I wanted a place outdoors, away from all worldly distractions, that I could call my special place during Holy Week.

We had this unused gazebo and my husband creatively, turned it into my Jesus worship center. It has already enhanced my praise and worship life and I’ve only had it a week. I feel so close to our Savior when I’m here.

Thank you so much Dave! You couldn’t have picked a better gift. ❀πŸ₯°β€

To my friends, where is your perfect place to go for spending time with God? Do you have a dedicated area, room, sofa etc? Share please!

41 thoughts on “A Devoted Place

  1. I find the outdoors a good place to worship too. I have a chair in the bedroom that faces a big picture window where I read the Bible and pray. That way I can sit in comfort when it is snowing or cold outside and still see God’s creation. Yes, we got more snow on Friday! Crazy!


    1. Thank you! And to imagine that it was sitting there unused, going to waste and all that was done was a bit of moving some dirt/rock and put up some chairs! Thanks for stopping! I hope you get your WordPress problem solved. I’ve had a couple that aren’t solved after transferring from WordPress to Jetpack. πŸ‘ŽπŸ™„

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    1. I will definitely pray for you Paula. God just starts putting people into my head as soon as I’m down at the gazebo. Do you have a place away from all distraction? Or can just put a table and chair under a tree away from everyone? About distractions, even if I’m in a quiet area in the home, it doesn’t work. I go get a cup of coffee, and then I see the sink needs cleaned, then a box needs recycled. Go outside and the bunny is waiting for food. You know what I mean?! Ghaa

      Yes, I was really happy Dave did this for me. Better than an expensive gift in my opinion!


  2. That is lovely to have a special secluded space to commune uninterrupted with God. A beautiful gift indeed. Being outside is beautiful to worship. I do have a spot on my couch that overlooks my backyard and it is my favourite place to talk to God.

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  3. How amazing to have a place outdoors, free from all distractions where you can be still and silent, spending quality time with Him 🀍
    I don’t have a designated spot, rather our place together is wherever I got, perhaps a walk, exercising, doing daily chores or taking a shower. He finds a way to bring my attention to Him any time, any place.

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  4. I used to covet a gazebo in my backyard to sit in to snap green beans or hull peas etc and to sit and meditate.


  5. That looks so peaceful! And that cactus is beautiful. I love the red chair in my office. I sit there to study and pray and love it. I also sometimes do Bible study in the carpool lane when I get there early. It’s also weirdly peaceful lol!


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