Way to Beat Gas Prices

Gas prices are rising rapidly in the US. In Arizona, within a week, they rose .30 to .50 cents, making it around $5.40. I hear it is a lot more in other countries. Is there anyone out there that says YEY to this? Probably not.

Here are some of my thoughts…

Can I control the rising costs? No

Can I control how I react to the rising costs? Yes. I can choose to vacation locally. This past weekend, my husband and I went to Jersey Mike’s, and got a delicious sub. Then ended up at a resort golf club near home, and being after hours, we walked some of the course. We happened upon beautiful lakes and just sat on a curb, watching the calm waters. Cost…$18 for the sub, free for the idyllic scene and $5 for the gas.

Do I want to use my emotions to get in a tizzy over rising gas prices? No.

Focusing on the current personal and worldly problems does one thing, it takes me away from focusing on Jesus. When I remain focused on Him, He gives peace and provides creative blessings and answers to problems.

God provided brains when creating us. Let us use our beautiful brains for thinking about Him.

Dear Jesus, there will forever be problems to focus on but that pulls us away from focusing on you. We don’t want to do that. Help us see there are always choices and the best choice is seeking and worshipping you. You will bless us. Amen.

22 thoughts on “Way to Beat Gas Prices

  1. I will give you a comparison….5.40 a gallon……that would be about about 1.82 a litre here in Canada. Our gas today now is $2.20 a litre…..so that is about 6.70 a gallon and it’s rising…just crazy….GOD BLESS and yes I think we will be taking a lot of home vacations for a long time…..I was talking to a woman today that said she could not buy food this week….this is what it’s coming to!

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    1. Oh my goodness, I hear you saying that folks will need to start gofundme pages for food! How horrid. On the other hand, it may make good ministry opportunities. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read and respond!

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      1. See it’s things like this that should be bringing Christians together. People should be looking up and starting to help on another. There are so many people now that need help. And it’s going to get worse. People need to start working together to help each other through this not being separated. This is the true church. GOD BLESS

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      2. It’s so true what you say Marla. We can choose to worry or keep our eyes on Jesus. Gas prices in Florida are around $4.50. Rents are through the roof with people getting rent increases from $300 to $900 more a month. Some even higher. Hard to believe. Or landlords are selling because their homes have dramatically increased in value and they are giving their tenants 30 days to find another place which is nearly impossible at the current rental prices. I fear many will become homeless. Much prayer is needed. I also thought ministry opportunities will open in these troubling days.

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        1. Wow, that is the exact same situation we are facing in Arizona. A home we sold for $185000 in 2014 is selling for $450000 now. And it is 800 sq ft! So scary!

          I’m thankful so many Christians are witnessing by blogging now. I hope our prayers are being answered for Chris.

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          1. That amazing and scary. Prices are unrealistic for the average person these days. I wonder where this is all going.

            Chris is coming along, but he’s not there yet. I appreciate your prayers.

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            1. Watch “The Great Reset – Lion and Lamb Ministries Bible Prophecy Conference” videos if you haven’t already. I only saw Billy Crone segment so far. Well worth the time.

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  2. Gas prices are high everywhere including here in Australia. I so agree with what you say about not being able to control all that but being wise and innovative in how we spend and still enjoy things in life. I am
    Also aware that many families are struggling with the price increase and I do not minimise their struggle but those who can help, may they keep their eyes open to those around who might be struggling with it and help put in any way they can.

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    1. I just had a blogger reply about a struggling woman and also said about ministering opportunities. Help others. Our time is short on earth. Love God, love others. HIS commandment. ❤❤❤

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