Remembering on Memorial Day

Tomorrow is our day to honor those that “died” while serving in the United States military services.

I come from a long line of relatives fighting in wars and have a great Uncle Nello, that never came home, so I honor him today.

While I do not like war, and have not experienced physical war, I understand it and am part of it on a spiritual level.

Dear Jesus, thank you for providing all the brave men and women that stood face to face with our enemies and gave their lives to protect our nation. War is hard. War allows us to stand up and protect what and who we believe in. Everyone that knows me, knows that I love you and stand for you. That includes your enemies. All of us have the opportunity to choose you and I continue to pray for those that haven’t yet. I love the freedom to express my love on a platform that reaches the world. War is not fun, but I will fight for you Jesus, until you call me home. Amen.

11 thoughts on “Remembering on Memorial Day

    1. Yes, gratitude 🙏. Thank you Manu! ❤ We saw a previous video in prophecy class about the Great Reset and Australia people this morning. IT showed the people getting physically knocked around by police bc they didn’t want to wear a mask. I prayed.

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