Saturday in the Park

“You’d think it was the 4th of July”  Love that song! 

I’ve been quarantining just because I have doctor’s appointments this week that I can’t miss so better to be safe than sorry.

There are so many funny things that happened while I was trying to isolate that I had to share.

Funny #1 – I ordered something online at Walmart, paid for it but they only gave a 4 day pick up window.  Great.  So  hubbie, Dave and I trotted off to pick it up and the plan was for him to go in and get it on my behalf.  That was iffy because I didn’t have his name listed as my pick up person.  I was going to wait outside the store, safely distanced from others.  Fortunately, he didn’t text me to go in because they allowed him to pick it up.  We were a good distance from the store, headed towards the car when I heard my name called.  A woman was standing in front of the store, yelling my name.  She could see who we were because we didn’t have masks but did you ever try to identify someone that is unidentifiable?  Jacket covering her body shape, mask covering her face, eyes showing but I can’t see eyes from 1/8th mile away, hair a different color than I recognized and a voice yelling my name but being drowned out by passing cars!  As she approached, I recognized her, but blurted out something like “Don’t come any closer, I’m isolating!”  Tactfulness isn’t my strong suit.  Thankfully, she understood and we chatted from a safe distance.

Today is our usual date day so we chose our local park with lakes, ducks, trails everywhere.  There was a lot of people at the park, being a gorgeous 70 degree day in Phoenix.  That’s ok, we can easily maintain safe distances in a huge park. 

Funny #2 – We stopped off at Wendy’s drive-thru, then sat and ate with our car windows down, at the park, before walking.  A big guy walks past our window with his fishing rod.  His two small kids walk single file behind him.  Wife at the end.  The parking lot was full and busy.  Big guy proceeded to cross the lot in front of our car, looking only forward.  Kids trailed along behind him at a distance, without looking for cars.  Wife yelled at husband to pay attention to the kids.  Husband yelled back, all mad, “I am watching the kids!”  Oh really?  He was first and never looked back!  Oh brother, thankfully kids were watched over by God!

Funny #3 – We ended up leaving the park on foot and walking through the washes.  I spotted a small birds nest that I got a kick out of.  To think that a tiny bird could make such an intricate woven nest with sticks, leaves and brush, wound so tight that only one his size could enter.  I said to Dave “Amazing, it’s not like the little bird signed up for Birds Nest Crafting 101 class, Saturday, 10am at the country club.  Who’s smarter, human beings or birds?!”  Haha

Funny #4 – Dave put his arm around me while walking and lovingly said “It sure is nice to have somebody to walk with.”  Ladies, replay these words and see if you detect a potential argument.  My come-back “Yes, it is nice to have SOMEBODY, ANYBODY to walk with.”  After 17.5 years of marriage, this kind of stuff is hilarious.  First year of marriage, I would have been crushed for the rest of the day.  Note to Dave…practice inserting your wife’s name where the word “somebody” is.  Haha

Funny #5 – Back at the park, 2 small kids were playing beside the lake, unsupervised.   Bunches of mallard ducks, geese, swans and coots were in the lake.  One kid was bouncing his balloon at the edge of the water.  A guy in a picnic pavilion, kind of near them, started yelling at the kids.  I thought he was yelling to stay away from the water because the fowl were going towards them and they may fall in or the birds will attack the balloon.  Dave thought he was yelling because the ducks were trying to get his coke that he had set on the ground.  How could 2 people watching the same scene, have such a drastically different conclusion?!  Hilarious!

THANK YOU GOD for life and all your little unplanned events that make us happy!

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