Nutty & Buddy Surface Needs versus Deep Needs

“A life that is spent in pursuit of things that pass away, is a wasted life.” By Pastor Ben Rounds

Buddy (just stopped wagging his tail): Why the long face Nutty?

Nutty: I don’t know, post-Advent blues I guess.

Nutty: Well, now that Advent is over I have to start thinking more about real life. 2020 is here, taxes will be due soon and mine are sooo complicated. I haven’t been eating too well or getting enough exercise. Then there is this girl I really like who doesn’t seem to like me and what’s more she seems to adore Lester, who I can’t stand.

Buddy (wagging his tail): Fifi?

Nutty: No Buddy, Fifi is the girl you like. It doesn’t matter. I just feel like I could perform better. I want to make some New Year’s resolutions, I just feel like there are so many roadblocks in front of me.

Buddy: But you told me during Advent now that you truly believe in Jesus, all you have to do is focus on spiritual things, things that are lasting, and he will clear everything else up and you really have nothing to worry about. Seems to me your New Year’s resolution should be to just do that. Just say “I trust you Jesus.”

Nutty (mouth agape): Buddy, you are so right! Now I know why they call you man’s best friend. Want to play some fetch?

Buddy (wagging his tail): Now you’re talkin!!!

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