Nutty & Buddy Week 3 Advent Story

Nutty & Buddy

Nutty: “Only 2 more weeks until Christmas Buddy.”

Buddy: “Yippee!”

Nutty: “Maybe for you it is a yippee. I am feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and distracted.

Buddy: (looking totally puzzled) “I will be getting a new doggie bed, collar, bones, chewies, retractable leash, “

Nutty: “Oh my gosh, just shutty, I can’t take this. I have 4 parties to attend, we invited Artsy and Glitzy for Christmas dinner and I need to plan the menu and buy all the stuff and clean the house, the tree is half decorated and the lights aren’t working, I don’t have the money for all your gifts, we have to watch all the shows you like (The Grinch, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, Home Alone.) This season stinks! I hate everything!

Buddy: (trots off and returns with Nutty’s bible) “Here you go. This always cures you when you get like this. And don’t forget to sit in the car and pray while I go run around the park.”

Nutty: “You are right pal. Thank you Buddy. I need to just spend time focusing on Jesus. I lost track of what Advent and Christmas is about.”

Buddy: “I love you Nutty.”

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