We have wild bunnies on our property and a few have come around for years. How do I know they are the same bunnies? Because they are so tame, they take crackers out of our hands!

They are so sweet that I can’t resist naming them.

One in particular was not very tame but easily identifiable. She was much lighter in color than the others, who are brown to dark brown. I named her Blondie. She had been a loner and when 10 bunnies were in our front yard, feeding on birdseed, she was in the backyard, eating weeds.

She lived longer than most, about 2 years, but stopped coming around about 4 months ago. We have hawks, coyotes, rattlesnakes, and bobcats roaming around so I was sad but grateful she survived 2 years.

Today, I got a wonderful gift from God.

My Blondie is still with us!

Blondie (on left) and a buddy finally.

Thank you God for your favors and blessings!

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