Go away Disciplined Self

I have been consumed with a disliked, but necessary project for 1 month. Days I was home, I worked 12 hours at a time. The project is mostly over now.

So do I wake and think “Wow self, you accomplished a huge project and deserve a celebration day, week, month?!”

No! My thoughts are “Today, I must update spreadsheets, wash clothes, clean bunny water bowls, sell on Ebay, catch up on the mound of mail and emails, pack, look for Christmas gifts online, etc.” Ghaa, stop it! None of these look very fun (well, maybe Christmas shopping does haha.) Is there anything on this list that allows me to be creative? Nooo! Am I some kind of robot? Nooooooooo!

God didn’t make us to be R2D2s (or whatever the cute little robot’s name was in Star Wars.)

Today is a day of rest. Rest means enjoying the life God has given us.

Enjoying life means pitching the “to do” list! Bake cookies, try a new recipe, take a hike in a new area, be silly all day long, burn a pine Christmas candle, blog about God!

Catch the little moments of the day, like this praying mantis coming to our house for his church service.

I traveled 5 miles and this better be a good sermon today.

Welcome Creative Self! Enjoy your day and lead me down the fun, appreciative path that you are so good at! Thank you God for helping me remember you made me a human being, not human DOING!

HAPPY Sunday folks! PEACE be with you!

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