Dream about Rodney

Lucy and I have been friends for many years. How we met was for my very first Ebay sale, she not only bought my mom’s old fashioned colander, but also explained what it was and what she used it for. After communicating via Ebay email a few times, we shared personal emails and our relationship developed into a mother/daughter one.

We visit each other even though we live in different states. I love visiting her huge house with all the decorations, home cooking, lovely garden, incredibly sweet dog romping around, great family members popping in and out, and her yard/farmland. “Homey” describes her place to a tee. She has many generations below her and I think of her as the matriarch of her wonderful family. She is so motherly that she has kept a beautiful Christmas village up in her basement year round.

Her husband and soulmate’s name was Rodney, who departed this world on August 17 of last year. Married nearly 65 years, Lucy is brokenhearted. Because she has so many people in her life, I think she has done well at coping with the grief and keeps going on a day to day basis. When not communicating with her, I pray for God’s guidance and protection over her, since my thoughts frequently flow her way.

My husband and I were vacationing in Oregon recently and I had a dream about Lucy and Rodney; I was at Lucy’s house and I went into her bathroom. It was so thick with Christmas decorations pushing towards the center of the bathroom, that I was having troubles getting up and down from the toilet. Haha…you know how dreams are weird! I was admiring the pictures of past family pictures, scattered under the small Christmas trees, lining the bathroom. One in particular of Rodney stood out. He just looked so sweet and happy.

I woke and texted Lucy my funny dream thinking she would get a kick out of it.

She texted that she guessed that is the reason she had a lonesome cry that morning and took Rodney’s picture with her as she drove to her daughters, over 100 miles away!

The significance of this connection blew me away! Only God could have me meet a stranger and develop a relationship so strong that I consider her my mom on earth now (my mom went to heaven awhile ago.) Only God could have me dream about Rodney’s picture a couple of hours before Lucy, missing him so badly that very morning, took his picture with her on a long trip, when she normally wouldn’t do this.

Only God gives us deep unexplainable connections with certain people in our lives. Thank you God for Lucy and Rodney!

Rodney and Lucy, true love

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