Kristina & the Basket Prayer answered

I have the most wonderful friend, Kristina, that pretty much keeps me sane in this crazy world. I rely on her for friendship and guidance, and support on a daily basis. This includes spiritual support.

Kristina and I messenger throughout the day normally. Our messages go the full gamet from giving serious life altering advice to sending lots of silly gifs, adding humor to our crazy lives.

My husband and I were on vacation and I was IMing Kristina about my disappointment regarding what seemed, a lack of caring from our airbnb host. This was my birthday week so I had prayed it would be a delightful vacation. Instead, one of my issues was there wasn’t many amenities like we usually see at airbnbs, and Dave and I went to buy quite a few supplies. In the airbnb host’s defense, she had emailed that if there is anything we need, ask. I guess I felt like our past hosts had everything already set up so we didn’t need to ask. And the airbnb had gotten great reviews, which puzzled me since I wasnt very happy once there.

I prayed about my disappointment and God reminded me that He gave me a mouth to ask for what I need! I requested products for bathing and a 10 inch frying pan, if she had one to spare.

Kristina had a prayer for me too:

This is what I found the next day:

THE EXACT PRAYER WAS ANSWERED! Bath products were in a BASKET and there was a brand new pan! Wow, thank you God for answering our prayers that are so specific! It makes me feel so loved and cherished!

I have more great God stories about this vacation so stay tuned!

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