Fill in the Blank

Please participate and make this fun!

I was conversing with blogger, DavidsDailyDose and it inspired a fun game.

Fill in these blanks with your thoughts.

Dump the ___________.

Substitute with _________________.

Ok, I’ll get the ball rolling. Dump the long list of medical concerns when I have my annual January doctor visit. Substitute with super priority concerns, of which I have only 2. Oh wait, I have 3…one is my memory. 🤔🙂

And dump the negative thinking. Substitute with memorizing scripture. (My favorite!)

And dump the cell phone/technology usage to every 2-3 days. Substitute with talking to my best friend, Jesus.

And dump the pride. Substitute with allowing others to be right, unless it’s harmful.

And dump the dark chocolate walnuts. Hahaha Not going there. 🤣

Ok somebody else play please. 🙂🤗🙂

37 thoughts on “Fill in the Blank

    1. Yes! I replace the critical thoughts as much as possible with scripture memorizing. Sooo pleased that it has worked like a charm. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful gift. Please help Tom and me to achieve this goal. Amen.

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    1. What’s it like for you? I am only on WordPress and Facebook and get lots of responses on WordPress but not Facebook. Kind of odd bc Facebook has my “friends.” At least I only need to respond on one platform.

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  1. Okay. From seeing others’ experience, friends rarely respond to friends endeavors, so I’m not surprised there.

    Having WordPress is a lot for me in and of itself, because though I don’t have many followers, I’m still responding to comments I may have left on other blogs, as well as those left on mine. I’m not as active anywhere else, but I could imagine that if I was, there would be more responding.

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    1. Hi! I find that strange that friends don’t support friends in Facebook!

      I’ve been on WordPress about 3 years and when you find a blogger you like, go to their “likes” on that particular blog. Click on those blogger’s sites and follow them. What we have in common…we all like to write! 🙂

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  2. Sorry about that. I accidentally pressed the send button.

    I liken it to what Jesus said: a prophet is not honored in his own town. Friends know you so to them you’re just marlagro.

    I agree. We all like to write … 😊

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