Tattoo for God!

They have a product for everything!

I’m not a tattoo person. That being said, this picture is of my arm with a tattoo! Haha πŸ˜„

I have not been good at memorizing scripture, even though the desire has been there. It makes me feel bad because I love the Lord.

Well, I found a way that works for me. It is unconventional but who cares. Whatever works is great, when we’re trying to do good, right?!

I found a seller that has temporary scripture tattoos! It is with me 24/7 so I take every opportunity to look at my wrist and memorize. Hiking? Working out? Skiing? Watering the garden? Driving? Standing in line at the store? Look at your wrist and memorize a scripture!

Or what about if you’re upset at a loved one, a bad driver, your dog (ok that’s not likely haha), the daily news, or your thoughts keep reverting to black clouds? Look at your wrist!

Or you are feeling depressed, discouraged, overwhelmed during what should be a joyful season? Flip your wrist up and soak in a scripture!

They are very easy to stick on, takes one minute to adhere, can be placed wherever you find it most helpful and it’s temporary. Mine are lasting about 5 days on the upper wrist area. There are at least 4 of the same scripture tattoos, with different fonts so your family or friends can memorize together. And I think they offer maybe 20 different scriptures. For under $10!

Here is the seller’s link, if interested:

Happy tattooing!

14 thoughts on “Tattoo for God!

    1. Funny story is I connect with God a lot in the shower bc I’m alone, it’s quiet, I’m getting clean which I like and my mind clears. In the past, I can’t take index cards or post it notes with scripture in the shower but the tattoo is waterproof. πŸ™‚πŸ˜„β€ Thanks for stopping Manu!

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  1. The key word here is β€œtemporary.” I have never understood the value of any tattoos, even ones military friends got for crossing the equator or going to a place they had never been.
    As for Bible memorization, you might try some online helps such as or
    I remember some teens told me they could not memorize anything. Then I started the first three words of a popular commercial that all five of the teens finished verbatim together! β€œSo you cannot memorize, or you just selectively memorize?”
    It is all simply in the discipline of repetition. If you select the verse or short section to memorize, repeat it multiple times out loud; then repeat it eliminating selected words; write it down 100 times over the course of two or three days. Have a friend quiz you on it regularly for a couple weeks. You will be amazed at how many verses you can keep at your fingertips within a year.
    Or you can keep getting tattoos. That works, too! 🀠
    ❀️&πŸ™, c.a.

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    1. Hi CA! Your ways are good too! My current tattoo is rubbing off after 3 days instead of 5 due to dry skin so I have to step up my game. Haha πŸ˜„ I am so grateful that I’m memorizing. I was feeling pretty down. And with each memory verse, it gets easier. Thanks for your input. πŸ₯°

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