Dave & Harmonies God Story

Praying is so wonderful. Sometimes, I don’t know what to pray and I ask the Holy Spirit to formulate the words. Last week, as I prayed for my husband, all I could come up with was “Please draw Dave close to you, God.”

Within 3 minutes I heard Dave in our living room, listening softly to a song. That’s not anything new because Dave loves music. As I listened closer, the song was beautiful and Dave was singing gently along. The song was “How Great Thou Art” by Home Free.

I was in the back room and when I heard him move to the kitchen, I told him how I had just prayed for God to draw him closer and within 3 minutes, Dave was listening to that song. We were both amazed.

I asked Dave why he chose that song at that moment. He had done a search on “the most beautiful harmonies.” God used that opportunity to reveal Himself in such a powerful way. ❤

Dear God, your ways are so beautiful and I know you are there. Sometimes I can’t hear you, sometimes you speak loud and clear, in earth shattering ways to me, like now. Thank you for loving me, for loving Dave, for loving whoever is reading this. You are most Holy, you are the answer to all of our questions, our longings. You are Sovereign. Thank you for my life. Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to all of us. And for your Holy Spirit, who comforts me so much. Thank you God. How I long to be in Heaven with you forever and ever. Amen.

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