Quiets My A.D.D. Mind

A Christian usually has our usual ways of seeking Christ…through prayer, church, the Bible, being with other Christians, etc.

But have you found a unique way to talk with Jesus? One that you can declare is yours and His special way and is most likely not written on the top 10 list.

Here’s mine that I stumbled upon in the picture above, Bible Word Find puzzles. It not only lets me focus on scripture, it clears my A.D.D. mind and I start praying for different people who “pop” into my head.

It isn’t an arranged prayer list either. Some recent prayers were for Susan Lucci who lost her supportive husband of 50 years, my friend who needed to get away before she lost it, the safety of a mama dove under our roof eave who gets bullied by some long beaked bird, my friend who is working on a Love and Respect book along with me, a friend’s back to heal, a friend who has covid, my husband’s safety on a biking trip, a blogger friend’s child/grandchild, a friend’s happiness in her job, a friend to feel Jesus holding her.

I’m not consciously thinking of these people (and birds πŸ˜…). That’s what is so awesome. As I circle the word find puzzle answers, the Holy Spirit directs who to pray for.

And I sometimes just start telling Jesus my feelings about anything and everything while doing my puzzle.

I’d love to hear about your unique bond with Jesus, if you care to share!

P.S. Bible Word Find puzzles are at Dollar Tree, and most of us have $1. Oh wait, add a quarter to that now…$1.25. Still not breaking the bank. πŸ˜…

8 thoughts on “Quiets My A.D.D. Mind

  1. Love this idea. I find walking and praying for whoever the Lord places on my heart to be a wonderful way and in Sharing my thoughts with God, just writing them out helps me with clarity and focus as I speak to Him.
    Blessings Marla πŸ’™

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  2. Thanks, for sharing this. . . I love it. Your photo brought to mind a foster child I cared for. She loved word finds and it was her method of processing life and information. Reading this caused me to lift her in prayer.

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