I lost two of my favorite dogs recently.   They were different friend’s pets.  I bonded like crazy with these two.  It’s like I spoke their language and we got each other.  And now my special dog friends are gone.

It brings me to an age old question…do animals go to Heaven?

What do you think?

Goodbye precious Aspen and Charlotte.   ❤

20 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. Marla, sorry about your doggy friends. Our labradoodle, Gracie, is 14.5 years old and doing well but the time is short.
    My wife insists that animals are going to Heaven. I ask her what about mosquitoes and rats? She says absolutely No to them, but insists beloved pets will be there. There’s no Scriptural basis for that but we’ll see.

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    1. Awh Gracie…Loving them with all our hearts and their reciprocation is one of the best marvels of life. I have my own opinion and I’m curious what others think. Thank you for your thoughts Tom.

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  2. Oh no! The same thing happened to me recently. My cousins dog was the best! My dog is nice, but hers was exceptional! Haha! Anyway, I know for sure there will be no tears in Heaven. Whatever we need to be filled with pure joy, we will have. I’ve heard some say there will be surfing, others that their pets will be there. Scripture doesn’t say, so neither can I. But I do know we will experience the pure, unadulterated bliss of paradise where Jesus has “prepared a place” for us!

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  3. I’m so sorry for your loss, Marla–but I have good news: YES, pets go to Heaven, according to Pastor Robert Morris (Gateway Church, Southlake, TX). He’s well respected, I was attending his church on line for 11 years…and he has a sense of humor. He assured the congregation that pets go to Heaven…”except for his demon-possessed dog”!! God bless you hugely today, dear Sister–may God fill the empty spot in your heart…I’m sure He has many dogs and assorted animals waiting for homes on Earth still 🙂 ❤

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    1. Ya! I found a blog about this subject and there was sooo many people that wrote. I am hoping to find it and share on this post. So interesting. Thank you for sharing Zelda! I pray for abundant blessings for you this week! God blessed me last week after your prayer. 😉🙂❤😘

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  4. So sorry Marla. Dogs are just so lovely and their loss can be hard. With regards to them going to heaven, I always tell myself that they have to because I have an 8yr old King Charles cavalier and I keep hoping that he will be up there eventually. But there is no scriptural basis for it so I cannot vouch for it. But I try and think of how the garden of eden was with all humans and Adam and Eve coexisting in peace – maybe that is a possibility. Only time will tell.

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  5. It is my thought, that like so many gifts God gave us in this world, pets will not likely be in the world we will occupy with Jesus. Although He has said He goes to build a place for us and His Father’s house has many rooms, which are familiar things, He also said we won’t be given in marriage and that we’ll sing praises 10,000 years and that will only feel like a beginning. So… who can know the details of the unexplainable wonders we’ll see?!


  6. All animals go across the rainbow bridge to be with Jesus. I know that for a fact because before New Years of 2022 rolled around one of our dogs crossed the rainbow bridge to be with Jesus. Then on May 16 2022 our other precious westie passed away from cancer on the brain. he was 12 going to be 13 years old. and he crossed the rainbow bridge, he is now in heaven chasing chipmunks and not in pain any more. so the answer to your question is yes they do goto heaven. and our at peace with god.

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