Minimalism Part 5 – Revisiting a Purged area

Once we get the hang of not needing a lot, do you feel like you become more and more realistic and can purge an area all over again?  

An example is I had purged my cosmetic drawers but a few weeks later, I knew I could do better.  There was a time in my life where I enjoyed fixing up my face.   Now my perspective is that God made me as I am, with my face that has aged somewhat, but He sees me as His beautiful work of art.  Why mess with that?!  Psalm 139:14

My husband likes the natural look too.  Then we have the masks, covering faces.  And beauty products last awhile, so what little I use currently,  I don’t need 10 backups. 

Hence, I revisited my cosmetics, purged again, and got 2 drawers full into one.  Ya!



Good riddance beauty products, Hello Great New Empty Drawer to explore!

Thanks for reading because those of you in USA are probably preparing for the Super Bowl 🏈

11 thoughts on “Minimalism Part 5 – Revisiting a Purged area

  1. That’s wonderful Marla. You are a masterpiece created by God to do great things. I am happy you are going for the natural look. Your husband sounds very supportive and that is wonderful. I have also quit wearing makeup. My husband says I am beautiful without it. Aren’t our husbands just a wonderful gift from God? Thanks for your blogs. I appreciate you. Sending love and hugs. Your sister in Christ, Donna Marie 🙂

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