Minimalism  Part 4 – Purses or Things You Can’t Live Without

It was never that I was a shopaholic.   Just over time, I bought stuff that made me happy at the moment but I didn’t use it afterwards very much and then it was stuffed in a drawer or closet.  Do you relate?   Do you also not know what is in the hidden black hole areas of your home (aka cupboards, drawers, closets?) 🤔😊

My example is purses.  I LOVE PURSES.  Seems everyone has a weakness where a particular item calls your name.  Purses talking: “Marla, this is the purse section of the store/estate sale/yard sale, and we beg you to come see us and take us home.”

In reality, I use my same nylon “no specific brand” purse daily.  I’ve used it for a whole year.  

But, I have purses from when I was 5 so that’s 50 plus years ago.  My closet was full, 57 purses stuffed at the bottom of this dresser!   

So my question today is how do YOU purge things you love and have a weakness for?

My solutions came as I pulled the purses from the closet:

-Group similar items on the floor.  Small, medium, large, leather, nylon purses.  Wallets.  Totes.  Fanny packs.

-Pick each one up.  Be honest…”If I change to a new purse this moment, would I pick this one?”  Just this question helped me decide to purge quite a few.  Why have things taking up valuable living space when I don’t view them as things I love?  Purses that remain should be easy to pull out of the dresser, not stuffed so full that I abhor getting in there.  Any item left after purging should bring joy.

-Ask yourself “Is there anyone I know who loves this item as much as me?”  I immediately thought of a friend who enjoys purses and has all girl grandchildren, plus her sister in law who loves them.  This made it easier, knowing my purging will bring other’s joy.

-Final question “What does God say about possessions?”  Matthew 6:19-21 
19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

End result…smaller amount of purses kept.

A future topic will be revisiting an area that can be purged more. I think it’s important to not be brutal with yourself or you may quit purging altogether. Be kind to others, and yourself!

21 thoughts on “Minimalism  Part 4 – Purses or Things You Can’t Live Without

  1. Good one, Marla! Although I can’t relate to the purses, I was a book-aholic. After I read a book I felt compelled to hang onto it although I knew I would never read it again. I had inherited that gene from my mother. My solution? Buy more bookcases to display my “trophies.” My wife asked me what was the sense of that. So I wised up, joined Amazon as a third-party seller and sold quite a few books. I made about $1500 dollars on top of the cost of postage and shipping supplies.

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    1. Hi Tom! Congratulations! And say it isn’t so, I just took 100 books to my second hand store 2 weeks ago! I felt like you do about books and had 3 bookcases full. I started selling on eBay again but didn’t know about Amazon as a third party seller. Do you have a link by chance re this?

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      1. Thanks, Marla! My experience with Amazon was very good, but I noticed over time that Amazon began taking a bigger and bigger piece of the profits. Big sellers dominate the Amazon used book marketplace. A small seller will find it hard to compete with the large sellers’ low prices. I had a lot of books on Polish history, a niche market, so I was able to compete, but small sellers dealing in popular books will have a hard time.

        Sorry, I don’t mean to discourage you before you begin, but that’s the reality of it. Below is a link to an article showing how to get started at Amazon, although Amazon’s cut is much larger than the 99 cents/book cut that’s stated.

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        1. Thanks Tom! I appreciate your educated insight.. Same thing is happening on Ebay, as I sold heavily about 5 years ago, and see their cut enlarge. I still want to attempt selling vintage items and have never used Amazon for anything other than buying. I’ll check out your article. May God bless your day!

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            1. Thanks! I read this article and was happy I donated my books, vs selling. Too complicated. Haha 😄 I do have more in the shed I may try Amazon for. They are where I’ve bought lots of mine.

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            2. It was a bit laborious loading all (300?) of my books onto the Amazon site (I’m sure you encountered the same with ebay), but once I did they sold quickly.

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  2. Interesting posts Marla! I’ll be moving in a few weeks and have thinned out quite a bit recently but I still think not enough. Have to be careful though because last time I moved I was sorry that I let a few things go.

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    1. Hi Cathy! How exciting to move! Will you be closer to loved ones? Yes, I agree about being careful with purging certain things. I’d rather get rid of some, like purses, and then revisit again after a month. If you have time, let me know what kinds of things you were sorry you purged. Sentimental items?

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      1. Hi Marla… We relocated to be closer to my daughter a few years ago. Where we are now was supposed to be short term, temporary. It didn’t work out that way. We’re finally moving to a larger apartment in the area, still close to family. In the past I’ve regretted letting go of some Corningware that belonged to my Mom, sentimental but also would have been useful. Also some end tables and a TV cabinet that could have been repurposed. Also some clothing I should have kept. Not a lot of items, but still. Moving can be overwhelming and there’s a tendency to purge too much. Trying not to do that this time. Thanks for your interest!

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        1. Nice! Corningware…I sold my mom’s years ago and was surprised at the prices they get. My aunts corningware is priceless since she worked at the factory and got some of the first pieces ever made! I ho]e you got to keep some of your sentimental items. Yes, I hear you about moves and purging a lot. I purged too little when moving from PA to AZ and finally got rid of a lot of that stuff. One of the reasons I’m so into minimizing right now is I don’t have a “move” pressure but kind of pretend I’m going to move. It helps with the mindset of getting rid of stuff. Good luck. I’ll say a prayer right now that it goes smoothly.

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          1. Thank you for your prayers! I didn’t realize the value of Corningware until after I let it go. 🤦‍♀️ I did keep many sentimental items. I find that I can get carried away with that too though. Did you tell me where you lived in PA. I forget. We moved from Easton PA. Northeastern PA near the New Jersey border. We’re originally from New York though. Lived in PA for about 16 years.

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            1. Hi! I lived near Pittsburgh. We go back occasionally. Nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there again. Ha We just returned from a place 2 hrs north of Phoenix, where wind Chills were making it feel like 18. Brrr. Just can’t acclimate to that anymore!

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  3. Good on you Marla. I do not have too much of an attachment to purses. I tried have more than one some years back but realised that I never switch with my regular one. But like Tom mentioned above, I do hand onto books and cannot let go.

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    1. Hi Manu! I didn’t know you and Tom are a couple! How wonderful! ❤🤗❤ Purses…I started using the nylon one bc we travel a lot and can stuff it in a larger bag for airlines, plus the nylon is light and washable. I guess I grew into functionality vs style. 😀 Books…I love books and I’ve always had trouble letting go before this last purge. I’m curious, what are your reasons for keeping them if you care to share?

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      1. Hi Marla, Tom and I are NOT a couple. I just read his message and hence the comment.
        I just love to have a collection of books that have been a part of my literary journey.

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  4. A friend noted to me that I’ve been promising to clean out my basement for over 10 years. Anita and I still have a few boxes down there that we never opened since moving into our “new” home 31 years ago. Another friend noticed some boxes he had not opened since graduation from college some 12 years earlier and he just took them all to the curb for the dumpster truck to pick up! I could NOT do THAT!!! 😲 Even though I know I don’t NEED whatever is in those boxes, I’ve got to attack them before I die, and since that “dead”line is not getting any further away, THIS is the year! 😁

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    1. You are so funny! Go get em! I have my own sad story re not seeing in boxes that have been given away. Years ago when we moved my mom’s boxes up to our house to look through, I had placed them on our front porch bc there was no room in the house. I also had bags very clearly marked and defined on the other side of the porch. These were to be picked up by DAV (Disabled American Vets.) I had large signs showing what was to be donated and instructions also. It was simple…left side of porch for DAV, right side, DO NOT TOUCH. You can probably guess what happened…DAV took EVERYTHING. I was heartbroken bc I’ll never know what my mom placed in those boxes. 😪😪😪


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