Chip Off the Old Block

I volunteer at our local doctor’s office and the organization requires mandatory annual volunteer training. I love ongoing education and the day I stop learning will be the day I shrivel up and die. Ha

Last years training…read the training material online and take a test online. Fine. This is my comfort zone to read, study, absorb and take a test, complete with answers available if I need them.

This years training…Go to the main campus, sit and listen in a class setting for over an hour, then God forbid, take a TEST. Ok, not comfortable. My brain hears details, listens but doesn’t absorb all of them because THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR THE MILLIONS OF DETAILS we encounter each day! Agreed?!

And so I pick and choose what is important and the only thing I am finding important nowadays is what God says through His Word. Talk to me about God and I light up like a Christmas tree. Talk to me about what different color codes (code gray, code pink) mean in a hospital setting and although interesting, it goes through my head like a sieve. Especially if I don’t need to know all this knowledge because I am not volunteering at the hospital, but at a small doctor’s office.

I was pretty nervous going to the class, had asked for prayer in the morning from my bible study ladies, and felt so much pressure that I will have to give up my beloved volunteering, if I don’t pass this test.

Good news…NO TEST! Just a sign off sheet after the class. Thank you God since He knew I was about to crack under pressure. Haha. I have no idea how I got through 16 years of schooling with constant tests.

Now watch how this next story transitions from my dislike of tests to another family members issues.

Second story…Because of a totally unrelated incident, I checked my mom’s yearbook. The class of only 58 students had to write their biggest dislike.

Some of the “I dislike” comments from the guys and gals of mom’s graduating class:

  • Sales and History class (wonder what a sales class was?)
  • Walking in the rain to school
  • The new look (like a bowl haircut?)
  • Fancy clothes and horror movies
  • Girls with short hair cuts (ok, I’m offended on this one, haha)
  • Coconut
  • Conceited and self centered people
  • Rising early in the morning (wonder if they turned out to be a nightclub DJ)
  • Young girls smoking
  • All girls except blondes (well that’s truthful, haha)
  • I do not like school (haha. This is the most humorous!)

So these dislikes show everyone is unique, right?

Now read my mom’s dislike:

I am a chip off the old block. And didn’t even know it! Haha

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