Final Israel Trip Plans

Compliments of Leslie Lusebrink

I am so joyful, God answered my prayer in a HUGE way!

If you have been following my last two blogs, I was going on my dream vacation to Israel to see Jesus’ land (well, it is all His land but you know what I mean.) Booking the trip 18 months ago, I was watching the political climate with Jerusalem Embassy reports, but the need to watch a sudden global health pandemic?!

At first I had zero concern but the Coronavirus is escalating too quickly for anyone in the world to keep up with. My prayer months ago before this virus was heard of was “From this point forward, I choose to go to Israel unless YOU cancel my trip Jesus. I don’t want to try to be in control, I want you to be.”

As I watched the reports from Israel, they were very descriptive and helpful to know exactly what their country was dealing with. Within a couple of weeks, it went from a U.S. citizen finding out she was Coronavirus positive to closing down parts of the city, closing schools, ordering self quarantining for the citizens of Israel.

It was looking pretty bad, but our trip was still scheduled! The travel agency said “Sorry, you will lose your $5000 if you cancel, and the only way we will cancel and try to get some refund from the airlines and hotels, is if Israel closes its borders!” Think about that. Six months ago, did we fathom a country closing its borders?! That sounds so absurd!

I got pretty scared and nervous because that is a tall order but my prayer was that I was going to Israel unless Jesus cancelled.

I received conviction in my heart a few days ago, that morally and with social responsibility to our own bus tour group and the citizens of Israel and tourists from other countries, it was absolutely wrong to go on this trip. You do not have 80 people from our group and 1000s of tourists from around the world, mingling in Holy places, potentially contaminating each other. And what about my loved ones and acquaintances back home that could pick up my germs if I went on this trip?

I was really wound up but wanted to trust that Jesus would cancel versus me deciding what is best.

There have been lots of people praying for our group. I also had 2 of my dearest friends pray very specifically, when they knew I was wigging out. Note the day and time!

Sunday at 130pm, Pam prayed “Dear Almighty Father, you know what is in our dear Marla’s heart, she does not want to exacerbate the problem of spreading Coronavirus to others. However, you tell us that the disease shall not come near our tent. Lord, give her a clear sign like you would do for me. 2×4 method is the best. That way, she has no doubts whether you want her to go or not. In Jesus name, we pray.”

Monday at 1030am, Kristina messaged “It must be hard for you to be waiting. I will be praying for a clear and peaceful answer for you.” β€πŸ™β€

Monday at 250pm, an email from the pastor “As you’ve probably heard, today Israel imposed a mandatory 14 day quarantine on all people entering the country, thus making it impossible for our trip to happen next week as planned. We are working with the travel agency to determine options at this time, including trying to reschedule it for the fall.”

Within 25 hours, after prayer, the trip was canceled! All prayers were answered. I burst into tears at Walmart after seeing the cancellation email.

Jesus gave clear direction. I have no words for the love I feel from Him. “I trust you Jesus!”

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