One of my journal entries to Jesus during Holy Week: Dear Jesus, I am looking at Dave’s baseball cap and slippers that I washed this morning.  I should always be happy to do this task because it means I have someone to wash clothes for.  Not everyone does.  You gave me someone that cared enough […]


It is a new week!  Yesterday morning I was ready to go berserk from this week’s activities, too many for my taste.  But then Dave and I had a wonderful date day and it totally recharged my batteries and voila, I look back on this week and have a fresh perspective.  Do you relate? I […]

Safely Home

My hubbie, Dave, my hubbie, painted this and our sun catcher illuminated the cloud at the perfect moment! If you aren’t familiar with this image and poem, it is quite beautiful and comforting. Safely Home   I am home in Heaven, dear ones; Oh, so happy and so bright! There is perfect joy and beauty […]


We were on a Maui vacation a few years ago and rented bikes. I hadn’t ridden in 20 years. The statement about never forgetting how to ride a bike, not true. I was relearning and doing ok in the empty tennis court area, until I got kicked off by the security guard. I started up […]

Saturday in the Park

“You’d think it was the 4th of July”  Love that song!  I’ve been quarantining just because I have doctor’s appointments this week that I can’t miss so better to be safe than sorry. There are so many funny things that happened while I was trying to isolate that I had to share. Funny #1 – […]