Enjoy Each Moment Today!

Have you ever watched any “slow living” videos?

I did and it changed my day! Well, let me rephrase that, it changed my perspective of the day. Here’s an example or two.

The bed that you make and think it’s just a pain-in-the-neck chore that’s keeping you away from your real passion? Instead, think of yourself in a video of your life, brushing the wrinkles from the sheets, fluffing your pillows, straightening your beautiful comforter! Even talk out loud about the new technique you’re incorporating. 😍

Or the lunch that you only have 15 minutes to prepare, before the repairman is supposed to arrive? Make a special effort because no one is interested in watching a video of you throwing some cheese and bread in a frying pan, in a total rush. Instead, saute some onion in sesame seed oil on low heat for an hour before the toasted cheeser, and have the whole house smelling dreamy. And throw on an extra for the repairman. 🙂

My point is that every task we do can be interesting and special, if we choose to see it like that. Just pretend you’re being filmed and totally absorbed and appreciating what you are doing at the moment. God gave us this moment, every moment, so make Him proud! We, in essence, are making a daily video for God. Show off your moments and celebrate!

Psalm 118:24 This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad.

23 thoughts on “Enjoy Each Moment Today!

  1. A change in perspective is good. Be thankful you have a bed to sleep in so that you can make it in the morning. And a house to live in, electricity, running water, toilets, toilet paper etc. When I am grateful, my perspective changes.

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  2. There was a short season that I couldn’t make the bed because of the pain that I had. So now I’m grateful I can do what I do, even if it’s something I don’t like doing. Lessons learned in adversity.

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