What are the Probabilities of this?

Image credit to Little Laama

My newest God story and it is a doozy…

Bonnie was sitting in my new weekly Bible study and we had never met before.

Bonnie had to leave a bit early and mentioned she was going to Oregon the next week and would miss the study.

I said I was going to Oregon that same week.

Bonnie said she was going to “Florence” Oregon to visit a long term dear friend.

I said I was going to Florence Oregon!

What are the odds that 2 people who never met are going to the same state, same town? And it’s not like Florence has 3 million folks. It has less than 10,000 people!

That’s not all. Keep reading!

Bonnie asked if I wanted to eat lunch with her and her friend, Judy while there. Boy did I ever because God was designing this!

Bonnie, Judy and I met and had lunch at a charming cafe, and they even picked me up at my airbnb. We had lots in common, a lively enjoyable conversation, prayed and my husband joined us at the end of the meal so he got to meet my new friends.

Judy mentioned that she was turning 85 next month, which surprised me because she looked much younger. I said my birthday was next month also, what day is hers? Remember there are 31 days in October and yes, Judy and I share the same exact birthday!

Judy said she will be moving to Texas next year and building a home near Waco. I said an ex-airbnb host, Andrea, that I became very close to, united by Jesus, moved to that area. Judy will end up living by Andrea, about an hour away. And Andrea shares our same birthday!!

Upon exiting our Florence airbnb, Dave and I dropped off our extra food to Judy and guess what? She lives less than ONE MILE from where we were at!

Recap…same time frame, same state, same small town, .9 miles from each other, same birthday, moving to same future area as my friend who has same birthday. Mind blowing!

We got home and I checked Facebook. A Godly man, George, I worked with, posted a bear in his yard, in his newly acquired property in Oregon. I mentioned I had just come home from Florence Oregon and where is his property. You know the answer by now…6 miles north of Florence! And another twist is that at Andrea’s Colorado airbnb, where Dave and I spent a few vacations before she sold it, there was a black bear that looked in the window.

What are the odds of all this?!

I truly feel that Jesus is uniting believers and creating stories like this for us. I feel so blessed to be on the receiving end of these gifts. Thank you God for uniting those who love you. I marvel at your works. ❤❤❤

23 thoughts on “What are the Probabilities of this?

  1. I treasure the eyes that can see God’s involvement in your life.
    Always watching for His divine appointments.
    Makes life rich. . . All the while, our Joy rises within us.
    And, life with Joy is Life indeed!

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  2. I love these God stories! I have one too! I met a blogger (Marc) who lives in Florida, originally from Great Britain, here on WP, and he saw I mentioned I had been a truck driver in my past. He was starting that profession and as I am now an accountant, he asked for my help on getting him set up and on track with taxes etc. I was happy to do so. Well the company he was going to work for is here in Colorado, only 150 miles away from me. He mentioned me to who new boss and how we met on WP. His boss is also a Christian and asked if Marc knew any Christian accountants. He said he did and that I lived close to him. The owner, (Andrew) said he just “happened” to be coming through my town the very next day with a load of potatoes going to Washington state. He called me, we met at a restaurant, and I got a new client!

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  3. Marla, these are not coincidences as you well know but God placing people in your path and you in theirs. Isn’t it marvellous to reflect on his fingerprints through all these details in our daily lives. Blessings my friend. You remind me to not miss any God stories in my life.

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  4. Wow, just wow! I call them Divine Appointments. The Lord is soooooo good to us! 🙌🏻. Who knows what the days ahead will bring. It sounds like the Lord is uniting His people, perhaps just for fellowship,, or perhaps for other reasons. Blessings…

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      1. Hi Marla… I don’t know when or where I first heard those words, but it’s a way of saying that the Lord’s hand is in certain situations and they are not simply coincidences.

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